RealSuite®: Blackberry Application

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Led UX/UI design for RealSuite® Blackberry Application.

<span class=”sc-dropcap”>R</span>ealSuite<sup>®</sup> is an integrated real estate management software suite built and used by experts in real estate, facilities management, energy and sustainability, occupancy planning and project management. Built on a foundation of expertise, RealSuite allows you to optimize your operations throughout the entire real estate life cycle – regardless of whether you outsource or manage your portfolio in-house.

Right out of the box, it communicates with existing financial systems and follows industry best practices to provide a penetrating view of complex real estate portfolios. With RealSuite, you have the flexibility of phasing in an integrated suite of real estate management software, starting with the modules that matter most to your business today. RealSuite’s Software-as-a-Service delivery model – unique in the industry – makes implementation faster, maintenance and upgrades seamless, and future integration easier.

As UX/UI Designer, I organized, developed and conducted qualitative and quantitative user research including leading focus groups, card sorting, usability testing and eye-tracking studies. Designed sites and applications with appropriate deliverables including personas, scenarios, user journeys, sitemaps, wireframes and detailed functional specifications.Provided UX guidance to refine the site’s strategy and functionality, optimizing the user experience.
Interfaced with development team to ensure proper execution of UX guidance in visual design. Development of the information architecture of the application.