Ali Kamran

By now you probably know that my name is Ali Kamran and that I am a [highlight]UI/UX designer[/highlight].
My experience ranges from graphic design to UX Design. I am a Certified User Experienced (CXD), and have studied Digital Media at OCAD.
I am an award winner and published visual artist, my many years of passion and experience in creating visual language through graphic design, from cultural and artistic, editorial and publications to advertising and commercials , combined with my studies on User Experience have led my focus towards creating user centric designs. Now my vision about design is not just how it looks, it is how it works.

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The methodology that I use is The Intentional Experience Creation™ process which includes the following main stages, involving stakeholders, customers & users throughout the product creation process.

[divider top=”show” text=”Experience Strategy” /] Starts from Exploration, ideation & conceptualization of new opportunities to Business Requirements and later Customer Requirements and User Requirements.

[divider top=”show” text=”Experience Design” /] Starts from Information Design to Interaction Design and Visual Design.

[divider top=”show” text=”Experience Construction” /] Based on the visual design, we specify the user experience, in the form of design patterns, UX guidelines, standards and detailed design documents.
Providing enough information for a hardware or software engineering team to build the experience according to the design specification.

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[divider top=”show” text=”User Experience Designer Certificate (CXD™) Akendi” /]-Information Architecture
-Mobile User Experience
-GUI Interaction Design
-Visual Design for User Experiences

[divider top=”show” text=”Digital Media Certificate OCAD” /]-Adobe After effects
-Advanced Web Art & Design
-CSS and HTML5 Frameworks
-Building Mobile Apps for iOS

[divider top=”show” text=”Bachelor’s degree in Engineering” /]IAU of Tehran

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Certified UX Designer

Certified UX Designer





2010 & 2011 Contact Photo Festival (Toronto)
2009 Fly With the Cage (Toronto) Visual Art Exhibition
2008 Award for Best Poster of 2008 Image of the Year
2007 Golden winner of 2007 GRAPHIS Poster Annual (New York)
2007 Tehran International Poster Biennial
2007 Six Week of Iranian Art Exhibition (Toronto)
2006 Biennial of Typography (5th color)
2005-2006-2007-2008 Image of the Year (Best Annual Visual Art)
2004 Press Festival: Award for best magazine layout
2003 Tehran International Poster Biennial
2001 Tehran Biennial of Graphic

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Member of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations)
Official member of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Designers Society)
Member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists)
Member of Association of Iranian journalists